Real name: Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
Location: Finland

Composer, writer, publisher, visual artist.


8-bit collective - pXtR
red dye



when by now (EP, red dye, forthcoming)
fluctuation (oretouKh)
Foam Show Hex (EP,red dye)

Current 8-bit music (chipnoise, experimental, ambient)

NES (MOD) 07/01/10-#1
PT 06/30/10-#1
GB (MOD) 06/29/10-#1
GB (MOD) 06/28/10-#1
Beepola 06/28/10-#1
GB 06/28/10-#1
FT 06/27/10-#1
RMT 06/22/10-#1
AY 06.22.10-#1
beepola 06/21/10-#1
VSP 06/17/10-#1
GB 06/16/10-#2
a bit odd
MD 06/03/10-#1
NES 06/02/10-#1
SAM 05/30/10-#1
glitch #7 (SMS)
glitch #5a (SMS)
aFunK (2600)
funK-GBA (05/13/10)
glitch #4 (GBA)
untitled (05/10/10)
glitch #3 (NES)
glitch #2b
glitch #2a
glitch-PSG #1
p.S #2
NES drone (04/20/10)
p.S #1

Current chamber compositions

but the light (2008) for violin and clarinet
inner space (2008) for harp and guitar
center of the circle (2008) for flute and celesta
like water (2008) for celesta, glockenspiel and harp
eluding touch (2008) for string trio
simple views (2008) for harp, guitar and glockenspiel
without striving (2009) for harp, vibraphone and celesta
those other things (2009) for vibraphone, harp and glockenspiel
sudden rain (2009) for viola, clarinet and celesta
any movement (2009) for flute, guitar and vibraphone 
invariable mind (2009) for violin, guitar and vibraphone 
spheres of action (2009) for four glockenspiels (or toy pianos) 
empty space (within) (2009) for alto flute, vibraphone and harp
place on the left (2009) for clarinet, celesta and glockenspiel
unchanging rule (2009) for celesta, harp and vibraphone
smallest things (2009) for guitar, harp and xylophone
vital breath (2009) for celesta, violin and glockenspiel
doing nothing (2009) for two glockenspiels and celesta
five hues (2009) for solo violin
in constant flow (2009) for two harps and glockenspiel
two aspects (2009) for vibraphone, celesta and glockenspiel
within sight (2009) for two vibraphones and glockenspiel
concentrated in greater masses (2009) for small ensemble
uninterrupted disturbance (2009) for small ensemble
melts into air (2009) for small ensemble
in unaltered form (2009) for small ensemble
into various orders (2009) for small ensemble
single propositions (2009) for small ensemble
the icy water (2009) for small ensemble
entire surface (2009) for small ensemble
different values (2009) for small ensemble
constant shifting (2009) for small ensemble
other elements (2009) for small ensemble
point of time (2009) for small ensemble
other sentences (2009) for small ensemble
question of proportion (2009) for small ensemble
so often quoted (2009) for small ensemble
details and connections (2009) for small ensemble
material things (2009) for small ensemble
further path (2009) for small ensemble
on these actions (2009) for small ensemble
fresh ground (2009) for small ensemble
and so forth (2009) for small ensemble
each time more (2009) for small ensemble
cannot be denied (2009) for small ensemble
not just (Canon #1) (2009) for any three instruments
this point (Canon #2) (2009) for any three instruments
not that (Canon #3) (2009) for any three instruments
but their echoes (Canon #4) (2009) for any three instruments
but as nothing (Canon #5) (2009) for any three instruments
at the gate (2009) for retuned digital celesta
nothing more (2009) for retuned software synth
never for a moment (2009) for retuned synth
floated along (2009) for retuned synth
along the line (2009) for harp, alto flute and celesta
still less than (2009) for solo violin
something out (2009) for flute, celesta and guitar
only behind (2009) for small ensemble
after its own image (2009) for retuned synth
though not (2009) for retuned synth
fluctuating between (2009) for three instruments
to the limit (2009) for flute and sinewave
in all cases (2009) for clarinet, violin and electronic sounds
either in (2009) for flute, tuba and (digital) delay
at one moment (2009) for six instruments and (digital) delay
one step only (2009) for five instruments and sinewave drone
just like (2009) for flute and harp
without meeting (2009) for piano
relations (2009) for oboe
propositions (2009) for flute, harp and celesta
nightingale and Lenin (2009) for four instruments
particles (2009) for piano
over time (2009) for five instruments
not equal (2009) for four instruments

Solo music

Composition for Piano (1980)
One for flute (1997)
Between for clarinet (1997)
Flow for oboe (1997)
Annotations for piano (1999)
 - Premiere performance in 2000 by Carson P. Cooman, Rochester, NY 
Brush for violin (1999)
Sketch for clarinet (1999)
Still for piano (1999-2000)
next for organ (2001)
 - Commissioned by Carson P. Cooman
 - Premiere performance 01/10/02 by Carson Cooman, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. 
circles for piano (2002)
never for alto flute (contour edition, 2006)
broken for clarinet (contour edition, 2006)
haiku for violin (contour edition, 2006)
Chamber music

Colors and Lines for four instruments (1998)
Through for clarinet and guitar (1999)
String Trio (1999)
Both for accordion and piano (2000)
 - Premiere performance in 2000 by Timo Kinnunen and Seppo 
Kantonen, Ikaalinen, Finland
Episode for 2 clarinets, cello, vibraphone and piano (2000)
Victimae Paschali for guitar (2000)
Motet I for clarinet, vibraphone and cello (2000)
next two for violin and guitar (2001)
 - Commissioned by Duo46
fragment(s) for string trio (2002)
Computer generated scores

clouds for violin, viola and guitar (2002)
pendulum for string quartet (2002)
closure for clarinet and viola (2002)
eXudes for cello solo (2003)
fading for flute solo (2003)
none for clarinet solo (2003)
dripping for four instruments (2004)
Listen (MP3, ~3.1 MB)
fold for three instruments (2004)
Listen (MP3, ~3.1 MB)

Controlled improvisation

Movements for 4-8 instruments, 2 dancers and 2 slide projectors (1982)
 - Premiere performance 1982, Helsinki, Finland 
Hundred for any instruments (1984)
Meeting Point I for three instruments (1999)
Static-Dynamic ( Meeting Point II ) for 3-7 instruments (1999)
Tactic for any instruments (1999)
Duet for any two instruments (1999)
Pulses for clarinet, viola and percussions (2001)
Fixed Point for 3-8 instruments (2001)
Two Sounds for 5-8 instruments (2001)
blank for open ensemble(s) (contour edition, 2006)
Tape music
Stochastic Study for tape (1987)
 - Premiere performance 1987, Helsinki, Finland 
Stochastic Canon for tape (1989)
 - Premiere performance 1989, Helsinki, Finland 
Dance I for tape (1991)
 - Premiere performance 1991, Helsinki, Finland
(Choreography by Sanna Monto)
reflections I for computer-generated tape (2003) *MP3
reflections II for computer-generated tape (2003) *MP3
partial symmetries for computer-generated tape (2003) *MP3

Arrowsmith Gallery, BC, Canada, 2008 
Marginal Arts Show, Roanoke, Virginia, USA, 2008 
Galleria Huuto, Finland, 2006 
FluxMuseum, Fort Worth, Texas, 2006- 
CoCA, Seattle, 2006 
The Ontological Museum, Fort Worth, Texas, 2005 
Space Gallery, California, 2005 
Durban Segnini, Miami, Florida, March 5 - March 26, 2005 
Pusod Center Gallery, Berkeley, August 10 - September 15, 2002



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collaborative books: 

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